Heya. My names Mike and I put about zero thought into this description. I'll fix it eventually.

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princekanou asked
*clears throat* rei ayanami (did you blush ?? i woulda. . )

If I wasnt so desensitized to her from my phone wallpaper this might have got me.

(I still do swoon on occasion when I look at my phone though)


Birds Of A Feather | by Claire Rosen.

A brilliant live portrait series by Claire Rosen featuring vintage wallpaper backdrops to accentuate and highlight the colors of each bird, which range from the common Parakeet to the exotic Hyacinth Macaw.

As seen on: Honestly WTF.

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Go ahead. Do your worst.

this is either gonna be a terrible decision on my part or nothing’s gonna happen haha

I’ll only post the successful ones.

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Get to know me

Fill in the blanks and tag 6 people! (don’t forget to tell them you’ve tagged them)

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Name: Mike
Birthday: September 28th
Favorite color: Sky blue
Lucky numbers: 3
Height: 6’3”
Talents: Sometimes making jokes I think?
Last dream you remember: I just had a dream where I was chilling on a dock and these huge ass whale sharks swam by. That was about it.
Can you juggle: Not even a little
Art/sports/both: I am probably better at sports than art and that’s a pretty telling statement of my artistic abilities
Do you like writing: Never really tried it
Do you like dancing:On occasion I suppose
Do you like singing: When people aren’t around I do. Or some friends. I guess they don’t count as people

Dream vacation: Antarctica/Patagonia. So many cool animals and such nice scenery! Those cruises are HELLA expensive though.
Dream gal/guy: Chill, funny, very keen on cuddling, as much of a perv as me, same interests too.
Dream wedding: Dunno. Something really small. Probably in the woods somewhere.

Dream pet: I have wanted a bird for years now but my housing situation has prevented me from getting one. Next time I move I am making sure I can get a bird in there.
Dream job: I have no idea. Getting paid to sit on my ass and do whatever the hell I want all day. The fact that I don’t know what I want to do still terrifies me as I stare down real adulthood.
Favorite song: Too close to call.
Favorite album: The Silent Force by Within Temptation maybe?
Last song you heard on the radio: If Pandora counts it seems to be currently paused on Gethsemane by Nightwish
Least favorite song: I have never thought about this before. No idea.
Least favorite album: Ditto
Least favorite artist: No clue

Guys/girls/both: Both, but my standards for boys are like way crazy high.
Hair color: Anything is good but I would say I prefer crazy dyed hair or if not that blonde.
Eye color: I like blue or other light colored eyes, but certainly not a deal breaker.
Humorous/serious: Humorous
Taller/shorter: Shorter I guess? I’m pretty tall so most people are shorter for me anyway
Biggest turn-off: Arrogance. Easily.
Biggest turn-on: If I can tell you’re attracted to me and aren’t way shy in the sack


Anyone who sees it and feels bored! Which at this time of the day probably isn’t too many.

I got tagged in a thing. I like hardly had to change half of these and the other half I just reworded. Thanks for making it easy Chelsea.

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frozen, a movie in which ANNA(RUTO) promises to bring ELSA(SUKE) back to the village?? i’m onto you, disney